Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Sling Backpack For Travel

There are as many different types and shapes of travel bags for men/women as there are destinations on a map.

But in our book, our sling backpack with charger port has the smartest features, the most premium carrying comfort, and the best overall benefits for your buck. You can even use it to keep your phone charged during your adventures!

 Below are the top 5 benefits of using our sling backpack for travel.


1.  Keep Your Phone Charged With Built-in USB Port


Have you ever found yourself in an airport, restaurant, or waystation and all the power outlets are full? It's one of the least convenient parts about traveling; everybody needs to charge their mobile devices at the same time.

 With our sling backpack, you won't have to worry about fighting for outlet space. The bag comes with a special pocket and a built-in USB port. Just slip our power pack (which you can purchase as part of a bundle with the bag) into the pocket and plug your mobile device into it whenever - and wherever - your battery is running low. 


2.  Secure Your Valuables In Anti-Theft Compartment


When you're traveling, it's vital that you keep your most valuable items - passport, wallet, cash, etc. - secure at all times.

 That's why this sling anti-theft backpack comes equipped with an anti-theft zippered compartment on the strap. It lets you keep your valuables close and out of pickpockets' hands. We recommend you wear the bag part of the sling backpack on the front of your torso so you always have easy access to this special pocket.


3.  Waterproof Material Protects Your Gear From Bad Weather


You never know when you might get caught in a rainstorm or snowstorm during your travels. Regardless of the weather, the contents of your backpack should always stay dry, especially your electronic devices.

 Thanks to the waterproof material of which our sling backpack is made, water wipes right off it. This means you don't have to worry about being out with it in the rain and snow or if you get splashed with water while you're out hiking or exploring. All your possessions will stay perfectly dry and safe as long as all the zippers on this water-resistant bag are securely fastened.


4.  Never Lose Your Sunglasses With Sunglasses Hook


Sunglasses have a way of walking off or getting left behind, which is why we built a sunglasses holder into our sling backpack. It's located on the strap for quick and easy access.


5.  Free Up Your Hands With Water Bottle Holder


Not all travel bags come with a water bottle holder. This presents a frustrating dilemma because now you have to carry your water bottle with your hands. But when you travel, you need your hands free to open doors, hold your phone, and millions of other important tasks.

 To free up your hands, just slip your water bottle in the sling backpack's handy side pocket. Now you'll save on carrying capacity as well as have a way to stay hydrated wherever you go.




Smooth, easy travel calls for smart carry-on travel bags for luggage. The sling backpack is your ultimate companion on all your adventures, as it will keep your most important possessions charged up, waterproofed, and secure from thieves.


Purchase yours here today!