Things To Consider With Sling Backpacks in 2022

Nothing makes carrying your gear around easier than a one-strap sling backpack with USB charger port built in. You do not need a bulky bag that leaves you looking like highschooler struggling under the weight of 50 textbooks. Nor do you need to pack an extra phone charger, spare wires, and other gear separately. Whether you are looking for a backpack with charger for everyday use or need the most convenient and comfortable carry-on travel bags around, Mixi has you covered.


  • Top Features You Need in a Sling Backpack  

The features you need to make your perfect backpack depend on what you want to do with it. These days, both men and women use convenient sling backpacks for school, business, heading to the gym, a picnic at the park, a baby bag, or as carry-on luggage at the airport. In fact, many people use a single bag for multiple purposes because it is so much more convenient. When you find the perfect option that suits your style and space needs, there is no reason to switch it out for another accessory.

Not only does the Mixi sling backpack offer a wealth of benefits, including an onboard charger for your phone, wireless earbuds, or other gadgets, it also comes in multiple bundle options so you can customize what you get for your life.


  • Backpack with USB Charging Port  

Imagine keeping your phone or other devices charged while you’re on the go no matter where your day or life takes you. When you choose a one-strap backpack with a built in USB charger port, you will never need to search for an outlet again. Forget sitting in the airport, at a café, or at the office for hours waiting for your gadgets to charge. Simply plug it in to your backpack and hit the road.


  • Perfect Size for a Carry-on Travel Bag 

Are you an urban explorer or nature enthusiast who loves walking or hiking? Although this compact one-strap backpack would not work for an overnight camping trip, it is the perfect size and weight to bring along the essentials on your next adventure. Better still, the smaller dimensions make it the perfect carry-on travel bag that will get you through the TSA line quickly. While the inner anti-theft pocket protects your valuables, everything else is visible and easy to access behind the multiple zipper and pouch openings.


  • Choose a Durable and Water-resistant Sling Backpack 
Even with the convenience of a backpack with a USB charging port, multiple pockets for organization, and a water-resistant shell, it is still not enough to create the perfect bag. However, when you add in a high degree of durability, the comfort of a reversible shoulder strap, and the lightweight power bank and USB cable, you finally achieve perfection.
The Mixi backpack with charger port offers cool styling for any taste, durable construction, great protection for anything you need to carry, and the convenience of USB power built in. Staying connected is so important in today’s world, and this carry-on size backpack makes it possible.